CO-02 Light is a commercial espresso machine that combines precision, elegance and versatility.

It is ideal for smaller commercial spaces and intimate restaurants.

Available in two versions with different boiler capacities, it guarantees a constant temperature and powerful steam capacities.

LEDs illuminate the side panel adding a touch of vibrancy, while the simple pull button design makes it easy to use.

With a professional rotary pump, it can draw water from the internal tank or connect directly to a water supply.

CO-02 Light offers a balance of functionality and sophistication, perfect for those seeking high-level performance in a compact space.


Enhanced Temperature Control

Advanced PID control, ensuring precise and stable regulation of the heating element in the boiler for optimal performance.

Consistent Brewing Results

Thermosiphonic circulation system to ensure uniform heat distribution throughout the brewing process, guaranteeing constant and exceptional results.

Safety Redefined

Cool-touch, stainless-steel steam wand prioritizes user safety while delivering outstanding steam performance

Automatic Electronic Level Control

Hassle-free water level management with automated electronic control system.

Automated Cleaning

The automatic cleaning cycle takes care of the brew groups, ensuring hygienic and hassle-free maintenance.

Autonomous Cup Programming

Tailored doses in the cup can be set through the autonomous programming feature, providing convenience and efficiency

Easy Maintenance

Quick access to internal parts simplifies technical assistance and maintenance procedures allowing baristas to save time and effort

Reliable Volumetric Pump

The high-performance volumetric pump maintains a constant pressure even with prolonged and simultaneous use of multiple functions and groups.





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