The Company


The endless experience

In recent years, La CIME has become an increasingly important company, it has designed and manufactured state-of-the-art professional coffee machines and has improved and updated existing models by creating new versions. CIME has also attributed great importance to the aesthetic factor as can be seen in the version CO-03 NEO, which comes from the evolution of the previous version CO-03.


La CIME is a constantly evolving company that puts the satisfaction of its customers at the center of its corporate philosophy.


COME follows a customized marketing strategy because it understands that each market has its own needs and it is important to satisfy the requests of its customers.


The ability to deal with its distributors, especially the more structured ones, allows CIME to understand and satisfy the expectations of the end customer.

Cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship

A young and constantly evolving company

Our Italian espresso machines represent the perfect balance between cutting-edge know-how and craftsmanship of the product.

Reliable products of the highest level

Experience and Innovation

Thanks to the great experience of our technicians and their attention to new technologies, we are able to design and build espresso machines of the highest level in terms of reliability, sturdiness and performance. Another feature of CIME is the great production flexibility that allows us to satisfy even the requests of our most demanding customers.


CIME in the world

CIME exports 85% of its espresso machines abroad: a constantly expanding commercial network.