The CO-05 is the harmonious ensemble of reliable and durable elements that make up the beating heart of an espresso machine, where functionality and design give value to the art of knowing how to prepare an excellent coffee.
CO-05 is the only model in the CIME range that allows you to choose from ten different colours for the side panels, with the option of the two “end brackets” being in two different colours. An innovative function that allows you to adapt the machine to any environment or need, enhancing its versatility and ensuring it is in harmony with those who prepare the coffee.

  • thermosiphonic circulation
  • electronic infusion
  • automatic group head washing
  • regulation of hot water and coffee doses
  • warning light if no water in the tank
  • tap for draining water from tank
  • n°2 stainless steel steam nozzle
  • cup height up to 13 cm [America version]
  • emergency buttons supply to group heads

E61 group [2 and 3 groups]

  • side electrovalve
  • lower sleeve with hydraulic infuser

upon request

  • electric cup warmer 220 V 350/450 W

Available in the ring range and E61 range


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