The multiple boiler system includes independent boilers for the water intended for extracting the coffee, for the steam and for the tea, in this way the temperatures of the boilers can be adjusted independently. In contrast to the single boiler system, where the boiler contains hot water and steam at the same time, the entire volume of the boiler is occupied by hot water.

This means that the temperature control is adjusted independently for each group via a 2.8 TFT display (PID).
The boilers of the groups are continuously fed by a mixing system between hot and cold water which allows to regulate the inlet temperature of the water which in turn is further heated by a resistance which will bring the temperature up to speed.

The CO-05 is the harmonious set of reliable and robust elements that make up the beating heart of an espresso machine, where functionality and design give value to the art of knowing how to prepare excellent coffee.
CO-05 is the only one in the CIME range that allows you to combine the side panels in ten different colours, with the possibility of composing the two “brackets” with two different colours. An innovative function that allows you to adapt the machine to any environment or need, enhancing its versatility and entering into harmony with those who prepare the coffee.


  • Thermosiphon circulation
  • Electronic infusion
  • Automatic groups washing
  • Hot water and coffee dose adjustments
  • Warning light for lack of water in the boiler
  • Boiler water drain cock
  • N°2 stainless steel steam wand
  • Usable cup height 13 cm [america version]
  • Groups dispensing emergency buttons
  • Side solenoid valve
  • Lower dinghy with hydraulic infuser

On request:

  • Electric cup warmer 220 V 350/450 W




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