Cime in the World

To date, CIME exports
85% of its production

espresso machines

In the Asian market, CIME distributes thousands of professional coffee machines every year in South Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand and Indonesia. Currently exports to more than fifty countries represent more than 85% of production, making CIME an international company.

The strong experience gained by its technicians and their attention to new technologies, together with the flexibility of the product, constitute the extra gear of this new reality.

Investments in terms of research for continuous improvement of the product with increasingly advanced materials and processes are a sure direct guide towards the future. The internal and external structure of the commercial organization will make it possible to base the continuous increases on a consolidated and repeatable system.

Experience and attention to new technologies

production flexibility

Our long experience, constant attention to new technologies and great production flexibility allow us to satisfy the requests of an international clientele.

All over the world

growing exports

Our Italian espresso machines are already operational in many countries of the world, both in Asia and in the Americas and the export sales trend registers a positive value of 2 percentage figures every year.

Exports abroad


In recent years, participation in various fairs and events around the world has increased, especially in countries where CIME is present with its official distributor, such as South Korea, Vietnam, Australia and Nepal.

This strategy has proven very successful, producing continued growth of around 20% per annum. In particular, this growth has not stopped even in recent years, during which the well-known problems related to the global pandemic have caused significant market declines involving well-known brands.

Word to the founder

Diego Di Giorgio Giannitto

“In the year 2023, what are the main characteristics of CIME?”

First of all, I want to keep the characteristics that I mentioned before and that I believe are the basis of the success of CIME; the operation of the equipment, understood as the effectiveness of delivery, ease of cleaning and, last but not least, the simplicity of intervention by the technician, are requisites

essentials that cannot be renounced. Today we also add the search for a more attractive design, aware that the coffee machine needs its own charm, being the queen of the bar counter. At this point we can determine 4 characteristics in order of importance: